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    12-05 09:20 PM
    I'm going to guess that the same folks in the Tea Party screaming about the deficit will somehow find this breaking news to be irrelevant. Of course, they also think the sky's the limit when it comes to spending on immigration enforcement. So much for being consistent. I'm in France until Sunday and blogging from my iPad. I'm having a little trouble with links so please cut and paste this link in your web browser to read te CBO report -

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    08-07 09:40 AM
    Politico reports on a McCain interview with CNN. The other interesting takeaway is McCain's indication that he'll stand firm in insisting on a guest worker program in the comprehensive immigration reform bill if he's going to work for its passage. I hope he's successful in that effort. Without addressing the future flow of immigrant workers, we'll be debating another legalization bill in ten or fifteen years.

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  • lovish_21
    07-27 03:02 PM

    I have concurrent filed I140 and 485 in Aug 2007. My I 140 is still pending. Can some one let me know what could be the reason. Is there any one whose i140 is pending since last three years.I am worried because processing time is around 4-6 months.Any help in this regard will be appriciated.


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  • lecter
    May 15th, 2004, 12:02 PM
    agree with fred 2000% (or so)

    Using EAD invalidates H4 visa, if I-485 is denied? Is it true? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Using EAD invalidates H4 visa, if I-485 is denied? Is it true?


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  • indyanguy
    09-29 05:25 PM
    Can someone comment on how the recent trend has been for a PERM application that was applied under EB2 for a Software Developer position?

    My employer is planning to apply one for myself and was wondering if it's a good time to do so?

    I've heard that DOL is blatantly denying a large % of applications that are in the audit queue. Is this true? :(


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  • kalkix
    08-10 02:12 PM
    Hi guys,

    I am adding my wife's AOS application to my own pending AOS application. Because of whatever reasons we couldn't file our apps together earlier.

    I notice that I need to give my wife's Alien registration no (ARN) at a couple of places in the application package, such as in the I-485 form, G-325A form, and at the back of the photographs.

    Needless to say, my wife does not have an ARN. I was allocated an ARN when my I-140 got approved. Since she is just a derivative beneficiary, she does not have an ARN yet.

    So what should I do about these columns in the form. Should I leave them blank, or should I fill them up with my own ARN.

    Please help



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  • martinvisalaw
    09-22 07:25 PM
    This is not really an immigration question. You should check with an employment lawyer in your area. Good luck.

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  • AstroZombie916
    09-13 03:30 PM
    Ok, heres the problem. When i got to export my animation, it always slows down on the eighth frame exactly when its doing the ravid thing. I mean it will take 5-10 per frame until it gets to the eighth frame, then it takes about 20 minutes a frame...why? Is there anything im doing wrong???


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  • yaseen_ka
    02-25 01:29 PM
    Hi All,

    My wife has her h4 visa stamping in a week's time. I have sent her all the documents required.
    My question is, it is mandatory for her to carry my original I-797 petition and I-129?? I have sent photo copies of both the documents, but I read some where that she has to carry originals of these 2 docs. can you pls clarify??

    An early response is highly appreciated.


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  • sweet_jungle
    07-19 05:02 PM
    I am working on OPT and my spouse is filing AOS/EAD/AP. What happens till it is approved? Can I work?

    yes, you can work on OPT till EAD comes. Once EAD comes, just file a new I-9 with EAD and continue working.

    Remember, in OPT, you do not have to pay social security tax. Once you switch to EAD, you have to pay social security tax.


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  • tslee
    04-25 11:29 PM
    thanks a lot for your reply!

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  • msadiqali
    08-17 06:37 PM
    my pd is nov 05 and got an rfe today..dont know what it is..lets discuss all 485 rfe's here..


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  • JunRN
    08-27 02:34 PM
    I can't see any good reason why they would do that unless they have a system to allocate the applications to adjudicating staff by State or by Region. Do the Chinese cite any reasons why they feel that way?

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  • sjnh_li
    07-28 12:44 AM
    Hi Folks,

    I have a unique situation. Well.. I have been working for a Company A that is owned by my uncle. Iam on H1B in 2nd year and I have my I-140 approved 1 month back. Now I got a new job in another company B with 3 times the current pay of mine. I want to change to the company B.

    My uncle said that he will continuing the process of my GC application, under EB2 in his company A. But I want to transfer my H1B only to the new company B, so I can get into the company B's payroll and get benefits. Can someone suggest how we can handle this without messing up with the current GC process with company A. Does changing to company B under new H1B impacts my GC processing. Can we show that the company A is processing my GC under future employement, though I worked for company A before..

    Please advise the consequences and my options.. I badly want to work for company B..without stopping my GC processing with company A..

    I appreciate your help in advance


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  • akhilmahajan
    01-20 03:54 PM
    I came across this memo. If this has been discussed i am sorry for posting it again.


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  • gccovet
    12-15 04:55 PM
    All- Before you start giving me RED's, I have posted this under "Interesting topic" thread. So cut me some slack.

    Hats off to this awesome bhai from India (Gujarati but Indian first), you can see his love for his country as well. He will go long ways, so young and brilliant.

    Check this out:
    Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of 'SixthSense' technology-TV-Economic Times (

    Highlight on future world, tech and all....Pranav mentioned that he was going to share work with all (open source) and give out his code so people can come out with their own "sixth sense" .

    More on Pranav: (checkout his impressive CV)
    Pranav Mistry (


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  • kumar26fl
    10-21 02:52 PM
    You have informed IV, that is more than enough :D

    On a serious note, you just have to inform your (dependent's) employer and provide them a copy of your unexpired EAD. Thats it! The employer may require you to fill a new I9 form.

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  • wayne3alford
    07-30 07:21 AM
    There should be some action taken!!!!!!!

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  • djmaddy
    03-24 10:04 AM
    very nice art!

    03-02 02:40 PM
    Hi, My name is Alex and I am a Permanent Resident for 4 years. I got married but my wife just have a turist visa B-1. So, I already applyed for her filling I-130. What is the next step? Just wait or can i fill out I-765 because she needs to work?... One more question...She still have I-94 valid for 6 months, does she need to go back to Brazil?

    10-05 08:57 AM
    My company applied for PERM for me. Short of asking our HR/attorney everyday what is the way to check status.

    Its applied just last week and but I can resist the urge to check the status already (anxious because I need H1B extension soon). Any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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