Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • go_guy123
    04-07 02:15 PM
    SoCal family charged with arranging fake marriages - Yahoo! News (

    Nothing unusual...infact just a tiny tip of an iceberg. Family based immigration including marriage constitute close to 85-90% of US new immigrants. Other avenues being tightened in recent years, we are sure to see more and more. In fact in recent years I have seen many H1Bs/F1 marrying USC.

    For every case being busted, there are many many undetected cases. It is called legal arbitrage, with other areas being tightened amd under attack and marriage based being relatively untouched, it is a matter of time that one will increase.

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  • bidhanc
    05-30 11:37 AM
    For those of you that have NOT contributed and RETROGRESSION is affecting your lives.

    Wake up and do something for yourselves!!

    What is the matter with you folks??
    Why does it have to be pointed out time and again, that by contributing, not only are you strengthening IVs hands but this will eventually allow you to achieve your goals and improve your lives.

    Is this a big task?
    At least stay united for ONE cause in your lives.
    All that is needed is a small contribution, nobody is asking for blood or your first born!!

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-11 10:00 PM
    The Senate voted 59-40 this morning to table Senator Durbin's latest version of the DREAM Act and will instead take up the House version passed last night probably early next week. That's important for a couple of reasons (and probably good news overall). First, the bill will not need to be sent back to the House to reconcile differences between the two bills. Second, the tax bill that has given some on the fence Republicans the excuse to filibuster the DREAM Act may be dealt with by then. Finally, there is some additional time to round up a couple of...

    More... (

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  • tfakhan
    01-10 02:27 PM


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  • Foster2007
    07-08 10:51 PM

    Over the past few days we have been successful in getting good media attention BUT except for NYT, the coverage has not focused on the issues that are relevant and will draw the attention of the policymakers. I think the media drive should focus on getting the following issues highlighted:

    1. Lapse in protocol when issuing green cards
    a) Green cards issued WITHOUT security clearence
    b) Green cards issued to those whose PD was NOT current in June

    2. Obvious intent to NOT accept applications in July so that they can receive the same with a higher fee in the future. This at the cost of making a mockery of hundreds of thousand of hopeful legal immigrants

    I think the media drive should focus and highlight the above and other key issues rather than merely reporting on the sequence of events. Please share your thoughts and add to the list above

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  • sa_murali
    02-25 01:18 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I have completed my 6yrs H1-B and currently have 1yr h1-B extension until Jan, 2010. However, my PERM application for Green card was filed on Jan 2008 and is still on hold.

    Given the above case can I still transfer my H1-B to a new employer with 3yr extension? I have heard that after the 6yr period H1-B is over sometimes there are cases where 3-yr or new 6yr period H1-B are issued. Can someone advice me whats the best scenario for me?



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  • uumapathi
    08-06 12:06 PM
    My company uses Maiona and Maiona PC in Boston, they are great.

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    02-16 04:44 PM
    Hi all,

    My ETA case in online status shows "DATA REVIEW" for the past 5 months, my PD Aug 04/RIR/EB2 is with Dallas BPEC.Initially the status was closed, and then opened. After 5 months of reopening it still says 'Data review' .Is there some thing wrong or should I talk to my lawyer.

    Some of my friends who applied that time have their status 'in process' or even 'certified' .Any experience like this or will that go to certified from here directly or to "in process" first. How long it can be in each of these statuses.

    Any ideas appreciated please!



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  • intheyan
    08-12 01:54 PM
    What does ADIT processing means any idea is that we need to go to local USCIS office for the interview?

    Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • ras
    04-22 12:04 PM
    There was a thread couple of days back asking members to contact their attorneys to answer IV member questions. I have contacted and few of them are willing to answer the questions on IV. Can some one point me to that thread..

    Also they want to know how the whole system works.


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  • BharatPremi
    11-07 12:31 PM
    :pif DOL == funeral house
    USCIS == Frying Pan :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-04 01:10 PM
    My old friend Bernie Wolfsdorf is at this moment addressing the American Immigration Lawyers Association where he takes the helm as the 10,000+ organization's newest president. Bernie came here 30 years ago from South Africa and has built up a great immigration practice in Southern California. He leads the organization at a critical time. There are new crises everyday and a system that is broken at nearly every level. Fortunately, the pro-immigrant community has a great leader in Bernie who has been a tireless advocate for decades. Good luck, Bernie!

    More... (


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  • skn
    11-09 05:00 PM
    My I 140 was filed recently online. I noticed that we missed out Part 4.2 where it ask for Permanent address abroad. Does anyone know if this will be an issue?

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  • jliechty
    August 16th, 2006, 12:03 AM
    I recommend the Nikon 18-70 AF-S DX zoom in that price range. Right now I use the older 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 zoom on my DSLR, and find that I frequently use the 24mm extreme and wish it went wider. If you do lots of interiors and don't need a very wide angle of view, then one of your suggested lenses would be better due to the larger aperture (keep in mind that 28mm on a DSLR equals the angle of view of a 42mm lens on film).

    Labor Cert Question [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Labor Cert Question


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  • skosaraj
    04-25 02:53 PM
    I have a few questions regarding my H1B and I-140 since I am planning to change my employer.

    1) If I change my employer, can my old employer retain my I-140? If he retains my I-140 and in case if the GC dates become current can I switch back to my old employer along with H1 and get my GC through old employer? Will this situation involves complications?

    2) After my H1B transfer is approved with new company, when can I go for H1b stamping? Can I go immediately or wait for 1 month or so, in order to run 2 pay checks with the new company?

    3) I had my initial H1B visa stamped from Bahamas. Can I still go to US neighboring countries to get my H1B visa stamped since mine is H1B transfer/extension and not change of status or do I have to go to India?

    4) If I have my H1B stamped with old employer, and later transfer my H1b, Will I be able to travel to India with H1B stamping from old employer or Do I need to again have my H1B stamped?

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  • sareesh
    10-19 10:47 AM
    October processing dates are out.
    I don't know how to create a new thread.



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  • sampath
    04-13 09:34 AM

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  • asm
    10-24 07:34 PM
    My h1-b is expiring in decemeber, i applied for renewal 4 months back but it is stuck in security check. I can apply for 485 as my 140 is approved.
    1. if i apply for 485, then EAD can also go thur sec check?
    2. after 240 days if EAD is not available what are my options?
    3. I am planing to get married but cant bring wife on h4 as my h1 is not current, what are my options? if my 485 get approved or i use my EAD i wouldnt be able to bring her?

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  • GCwaitforever
    04-25 01:04 PM
    There is so much dysfunction in USCIS. See the complaint to investigate this problem. There are folks sitting from 2001/2002 and USCIS does not bother about their petitions.

    06-30 01:03 PM
    if filed I think your att. may use PD portability.

    If not filed, don't see any reason why he can't straight use the LC of 2003.

    Ask him. Search here at IV on PD portability.


    07-14 08:35 PM
    Did IV collect names Tel # of the participants of this rally?

    Yes, during registration. All participants were asked to register before the rally........

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