Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • shernil_s
    04-27 03:32 PM
    Hello Friends,

    I am in 7th yr of my H1B and I have got 3 yrs extension on my H1B after
    completing my 6 yrs. I have got my labour appliation and I-140 approved 1 year back and filed my I-485 in MAR'2005. My PD is Jan 2002, India EB3.

    In SEP'2005, I got married and my spouse came to this country on H4 Visa.
    Because of retrogresion.I couldn't file I-485 for my wife. Now I am waiting for my PD to get current to file 485 for my wife.

    My question is, Can I change my employer by doing H1B Transfer. So that my
    spouse wont be losing H4 Status. Also, when my PD becomes current can I ask my new employer to file 485 application for my spouse.

    My lawyer has told me that filing Spouse's 485 has to be done with the same
    employer who filed your application. Is it true? or Can I change my employer.

    Thanks for your reply in advance

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  • vallabhu
    04-10 09:34 PM

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-14 05:30 PM
    A little out of the box thinking. There are some useful ideas here even if there are many practical questions on how the plan would work. For one, is a highest bidder system necessarily the best indicator of which employers are most deserving of securing visas. Should a school system desperate for math teachers lose out on securing a visa just because it has a much more limited budget than a major corporation? I'd suggest perhaps looking at a program like this running as a separate track in the immigration system rather than necessarily replacing what we have. Of course,...

    More... (

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  • thomachan72
    06-21 05:57 PM
    Hi is there anybody here who has applied for GC while on L1? Any experts out here who know whether it is difficult to apply for GC while on L1, compared to the H1b?


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  • npond1
    07-19 09:38 AM
    Thanks Pagal! My job classification has not changed and getting paid same salary for last 1 year.

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  • bsbawa10
    07-02 06:08 AM
    What a chaos? We were so close, turned out to be mirage. When do you expect your GC? My PD is Feb 2006. I do not expect anything positive in 3 years. I doubt anything changed in our career in 2 years. Where do we stand?

    Frankly speaking, I always thought that this is going to harm the people with older priority dates but I never vented out. It turned out to be true. They chose almost randomly among the ones who filed during that time and quite many with old priority dates were left out. I think had that fiasco not been there and had priority dates moved slowly, the things would have been more streamlined.


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  • traveldoc
    09-30 07:19 AM
    You can't leave the country while your AP is pending unless you have a valid (unexpired) H/L or any other visa that you could use to enter the country.

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  • rtarar
    04-09 02:04 PM
    I efiled for EAD 2 weeks back.Card production ordered last week.approval notice sent this week.
    No FP was required. Am I dreaming or is it luck.


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  • anilsal
    11-29 12:40 AM
    only for 2 months. You should ask a friend to monitor your mail. Sometimes USCIS just sends FP requests out of the blue. At least you will be able to call and reschedule the FP.

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-28 04:12 PM
    Can somebody answer this question??!!
    I am on H-4 here. Back in India i worked for a while but dint file my tax return :(
    Now for GC, if I mention the previous work ex in the form, do I need to provide the returns or something??

    Not required. no need of them even you mention your work exp from india. Don't worry. just address is fine.


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  • immigration1234
    09-24 02:17 PM
    We have filed for our I-485 application.
    I came to know from one of my friends that we do not receive our EAD after 90 days of receiving the receipt no
    we can go to nearest immigration office to get it.
    Is this the right span of time or we need to wait for more time.
    How does this work.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • jonty_11
    07-25 02:53 PM
    call Canada consulate and find out....
    find some official website and take print outs..if u can find one which says this is OK..

    To the layman (me) it does not look OK.


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  • good idea
    05-19 12:03 PM
    hello all,

    My H1 extension was filed with regular processing and I got RFE too.
    My office has replied to RFE and as per tracking it is delivered today.

    any guess about following -

    Approx. after how many days USCIS update the status with "response" received?


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  • maacho
    01-29 09:47 PM
    Nowhere Ther Still There


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  • cs007
    10-31 12:28 AM
    Hi, I am in 8th year of H1b with 140 approved (EB3) from company A. I would like to switch to company B and planning to start EB2 quickly to enage a new interesting project . I have following questions related to the same and early advice from you all would be highly appreciated as am running out of time in engaging the new project.

    1. Can I do H1 transfer from company A to company B using A's 140 approval after my 6 years of original h1b quota. I am currently on 8th year of h1b.

    2. Can I able to port the priority date from company A's EB3 filing with the new EB2 filing from company B?

    3. If company A cancels the 140, still can I able to port the PD ?


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  • kumar2203
    07-29 11:33 AM
    Hello ,

    My EB3- 485 is pending from June 07. I am on H-1 and my employer decided not to file 7 th year extension and asking me to use EAD.

    If I change employer using EAD (AC21) , can new employer file GC in EB2 (EB3 priority date 2005) ( not H-1 transfer)

    thanks for your help


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  • ramreddy
    01-03 12:24 PM
    My labor and 140 are approved. 485 is pending.
    Can I go to India and come back , say just 5 months before my PD comes current.
    e.g. the EB2 is now hanging at March 05 . My PD is at Oct 05. When it comes to around Aug 05 ...I will come back and start working.
    I have to fight some litigation there .I have my AP Documents and EAD all right .
    my Q is WILL THIS CAUSE RED FLAGS ON MY 485 APPLICATION. As long as I was in US I was employed. But I was out of US for my own personal situation.
    Please advise

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  • TheHulk
    11-30 08:22 PM

    My spouse was on H1, the applied for H4 which was approved but he start date was incorrect, so an I102 was applied to get the I-94 corrected , we got the dates incorrect again so the lawyer applied for correct of dates again (October 2010). This whole thing has been going on for an year now.

    In the mean time, we had a family emergency and my wife had to go to India , She went on a valid AdvanceParole. ( We have a pending 485 , so got an AP also)

    Today we received a mail from USCIS, asking her to attend an interview regarding this I-94 replacement.

    . She is not in US
    . She submitted all the I94 cards she had at the Aiport

    1. Will she have any problem coming back. She was always on Status. NO issues there
    2. Is there any way to postpone the interview ?
    3. Does it affect my I-485
    4. What is the best course of action

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  • pappu
    11-20 09:58 PM
    There will be a conference call to kick off the Northern California chapter of IV tonight (Monday) at 8pm PST. Please email me at for the details.

    Thank you for this effort. Best wishes. Northern California members are requested to attend the call/get in touch with oguinan to help establish this chapter.

    07-19 08:12 PM
    anyone ca make a mistake man!

    05-17 10:38 AM
    The answer to using PD from previous 140 is:
    "It depends".

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