Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • rajahmundry
    09-08 12:11 AM
    Yes, They are open on Saturday. They close on Monday.
    I have been there recently.
    You just need to walk with your passport.

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  • virat
    08-02 11:57 AM

    I got an LUD on my I140 on 07/28/07. There is no message change though. This I-140 was approved way back in Aug 2006. I have filed my I-485 etc on June 1st 07, and its in process. Does anyone know what doesn this LUD mean.


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  • mombemoo
    July 26th, 2005, 12:19 PM
    yeah I agree with freddCR, I thought that's what this was for

    Another 140 ..please help [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Another 140 ..please help

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  • rajeshalex
    09-16 04:47 AM
    Ask your brother to get a leave letter from his company. It should help.



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  • kittu1991
    06-19 08:42 PM
    I have a question. I heard about new premium processing rule for 140.

    my friend�s six years is going to complete in next month , he has applied labour certification via PARM 10 months back and its pending, did he is eligible to file 140? Or he has to live next month?

    Your friend cannot apply for I140 without approved labour. I don't know what other provision he has to be in status. May be he can try to recpture the vaccation time. If he has atleast 2 months of vaccation time, don't know if he can apply for 7th yr extension based on 365 days rule.

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  • a_paradkar
    10-31 01:46 PM

    The questions is, if i have an approved I-140 from Company A and I switch over to Company B, then would i be able to file my 485 based on 140 related to Company A when my PD for Labor (company A) becomes current.

    Thanks, please let me know


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  • sandeep_sharma
    03-28 11:22 AM
    Hello -

    I am currently in US on L-1B that is expiring on June 15th 2010. I am planning to travel to India and return to US around May 10th. That will be around a month from the date my visa expires. My question is will I face any problems at the port of entry upon my return? I am needed on an assignment in US until Aug 2011 and so my employer is planning to file an extension as soon as I return to US.

    Appreciate your response!


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  • sumanitha
    01-05 02:34 PM
    What will happen if my renewal EAD is still in the process while my current EAD is going to expire soon (in a week's period)?

    Can I work during the expired period?

    Please help..:confused:


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  • pappu
    03-31 11:03 AM

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  • ranand00
    04-09 08:39 PM
    any suggestions...answers are appreciated


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  • khyati
    03-14 10:01 AM

    I am in a big fix by not getting jobs. I cant find a job in pharma company nor anyone to sponsor me for H1b.I am on H4 visa rightnow and want suggestions for wht i should do to get job and H1b visa. can someone suggest me how should i proceed with this.


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  • cagil
    08-04 08:15 AM
    I am really confused and I really need information about my situation.

    I have graduated from Culinary Institute of America on June 18 and I had an application for OPT for July15. In normal process, I have received my OPT card and begin to work at the restaurant on July 15. However, because of an important family situation I have to go back to my country for one week between September 15- 22.

    Now,my situation is; -I have an OPT card
    -I have a job
    -I am in my OPT year
    BUT: on my OPT card, it says that, I can not leave the country during my OPT year
    HOWEVER: I have to go back to my country for one week and there is no problem about taking off from my job.

    I can not be sure about leaving the country,my question is: During the OPT period, IF you have a job and all your documents are done about OPT period, are you still should not leave the country? If you leave the USA, how can you come back?


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-15 09:20 AM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    Beginning March 1, 2010, Mexico will require U.S. citizens to have valid passports when traveling to Mexico. Legal residents of the U.S. must have their green cards or other documents demonstrating legal status in the U.S.

    This new rule by Mexican authorities shouldn't change travel habits, because it has been the law in the U.S. since June 2009 that U.S. travelers returning to this country from Mexico must show their passports.

    More... (http://dfwimmigrationlaw.clarislaw.com/immigration-news/take-your-passport-if-you-go-to-mexico.php)

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  • uma001
    01-25 02:14 PM
    When you are working as fulltime employee for american client (not consultancy) then why are you worried?
    Mine also filed (extension) on Nov 27 receipt date Dec 10. Still in process.


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  • atlgc
    11-05 10:46 AM
    Hi guys ,

    can any one let me know what is the NAICS code for health care service provider company where we do transcription coding ,radiology service please


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  • vls
    07-24 03:44 PM
    If we lose our job after having the I-485 pending for more than 8 months, I-140 approved, how much time do we have to find another job?

    Do we have to immediately withdraw the petition after losing/quiting a job?



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  • akash016
    01-29 03:36 PM
    Hello Seniors,
    Can you please let me know what is the process to open an already approved case in USCIS? Is it possible ?

    Your help really vital for me.

    Thanks a lot

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-06 08:20 PM
    This is not really a surprise and it's not because American doctors are in any way inadequate. However, while virtually all US medical school graduates will eventually go on to practice medicine, residency and fellowship slots that go to J-1 and H-1B doctors are filled by doctors who generally finish near the top of their medical school classes. Americans who worry that they are getting inferior medical care going to a internationally-educated doctor should feel more at ease after seeing this data. One group that didn't do well - American-born doctors who go to medical school overseas.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/08/foreign-doctors-in-us-outperform-their-americanborn-counterparts.html)

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    11-15 11:24 AM
    When is my green card expected?
    Please provide me an educative link regarding this EAD-Green card process.
    I am new to immigration voice.


    05-16 08:42 PM
    Any cfas here?. I am looking for some advice on the sponsorship. Please post if you are knowledgeable about cfa program. thanks

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