Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • nk29
    05-26 10:37 AM

    I am a I-485 EB waiter and applied before August 18th. So I have to pay a fee fo 305 dollars. However when I went to check the I-131 instructions for e-filing, i could not find any information if we are eligible to e-file?

    has anybody e-filed Advance parole.

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  • Munna Bhai
    02-14 02:15 PM
    As of Feb 14th, House Judiciary Subcommittee holds an oversight hearing about the proposed immigration fee increase.

    Atleast something is cooking, good or bad!!

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  • la6470
    01-12 03:51 PM
    Hi Fellow forum users

    I and my spouse both have primary/derivative through each other. However I only have EAD (dependent) through my spouse's principal AOS. Can I use that to change my job? I dont have time to apply for a principal EAD. Once I start the new job in dependent EAD can I apply for an EAD based on my primary AOS so that my new employer can drop a AC21 mail to USCIS? The reason I want to do this is to maintain my principal AOS as well.

    Thanks in advance for all your comments/insights.


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  • sweet23guyin
    05-05 01:52 PM
    She will have to go out of country and get stamping for H4 if her spouse is maintaining H1.
    Automatic validation does not happen..

    I need help for my friend. My Friend's spouse on H4 started to work on EAD. She does not work (or if she gets laid off), will she automatically get her H4 status? If not, what does she need to do to get back on H4. Her husband is on H1.


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  • brij523
    03-01 04:52 PM
    Friend Paskal is very much right. Also if associates don't want to come in front that is fine. Just find leads and let IV CORE take care from there.
    Let me repeate TIME IS NOW.

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  • Latha Reddy
    08-10 09:53 PM
    prevailing wage calculations for EB-2 applications to be filed for Sr. Systems Analyst and Sr. Software Engineer. As of January 1, 2010, these wage requests have to be filed using US DOL�s electronic iCert system. For the past couple of years, the NJ DOL had given us LEVEL II wages for these positions. Now, US DOL is giving us LEVEL III wages for these positions which is at $102,274

    EB-2 Software Engineer/Systems Analyst LEVEL III at $102,274 , or file under EB-2 ITPM LEVEL II at $116,501

    I wanted to confirm whether these wage Calculations Declared by DOL are correct to file for EB2 category and do we need to quote such high salary ranges.I have master's degree plus 5+years of Experience in IT field.So, i will qualify for EB2 category but only wanted to confirm whether the wages declared by DOL were correct in respect to Jan 2010

    Anyone or the concerned attorney can you please clarify on this.



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  • hemya
    02-28 11:14 AM
    Is your I140 approved?

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  • Joey Foley
    August 29th, 2005, 04:56 PM
    I just posted a ton of photos

    Just thought you might want to check out a few photos I took of Green Day (direct link below).

    I kind of went over and posted too many (67) .

    Check'em out!
    I'm also taken photo in Indy of them.

    Anything you like in there? Let me know.

    I only had one lens with me that night my canon 70-200mm 2.8L
    I'm not really used to shooting shows with just that lens, but I think I got a couple of keepers (well I think):o


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-12 09:40 AM
    There has been an interesting alliance of antis in both the health care and immigration arenas to scare people in to believing that illegally present immigrants will be eligible for subsidies to secure health insurance under the health care reform proposal being pushed by President Obama. That claim is patently false. But that did not stop one extremist in the Congress, Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) from screaming "You lie!" when President Obama addressed that myth. This appalling lack of respect has already led the GOP to go in to damage control mode and Wilson issued an apology within minutes of...

    More... (

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  • zerozerozeven
    07-22 09:12 AM


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  • smsrao
    04-17 08:10 PM
    When I click the link above, I get page cannot be found. can you please tell us what is the issue regarding this???

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  • singhv_1980
    11-18 01:54 PM
    We have applied for the COS (H4 to F1) at California Service Center.

    If you have been in the same boat or know someone who was, please share your information here. Trying to see the approval time trends..

    Application date: October 1st
    Notice date:October 3rd
    Approval date: Still Waiting


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  • twife
    09-14 02:27 PM
    Hi ,
    My husband has a conviction for domestic violence. he was not jailed but is under probation. he is on h1b visa and i am on h4. his i140 was approved before the conviction. also both our visa extension were approved prior to that. currently visa stamp in both our passport has expired but we have valid i-94. i need to visit india for urgent family health issue. if i go i will need to get a new stamp. Can his arrest result in my visa getting denied at consulate. Or will it create any problems for me at port of entry?. he is not going to travel with me

    Thanks in advance for ur help

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  • smsrao
    04-17 08:10 PM
    When I click the link above, I get page cannot be found. can you please tell us what is the issue regarding this???


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-19 07:47 PM

    I have received notice for I-485 FP, but my I-140 is still in process (not approved or anything). How is this possible? Is it because of concurrent filing?


    yes, its normal and ok. Your 485 will be processed independently of your I-140, and your fingerprinting, namecheck etc will all keep happening. You just cant get it approved without getting the I-140 approved first. Everything else goes on in parallel.

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  • chris
    09-25 03:08 PM
    Again i heard one more new word from IO today " File is in Adjudications Area ".

    Any idea what is that mean ?


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-11 10:10 AM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    Please be advised that the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) has been experiencing delays in the processing of I-765 EADs and I-131 Advance Paroles. Therefore, we recommend that EAD and AP renewals be filed 4 months prior to the expiration date, the earliest date USCIS will accept renewal applications. For EAD applications that have been pending for more than 90 days, an interim EAD card can be issued. Please contact our office for assistance with expedite procedures for your pending I-765 or I-131 application if your current work authorization is about to expire or if you have an emergent need to travel.

    More... (

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  • kirupa
    03-20 08:17 PM

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  • wandmaker
    09-02 12:29 PM
    I have applied for AP (I131) on 8/14/09 and my I-485 got approved on 9/01/09. Is USCIS is going to return my I131 fee or is there anything I have to initiate from my end to get the refund?.

    Pls do let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    one-way street; btw, they will send you denial notice, sign your name w/ $ amount and frame it. :D

    Blog Feeds
    11-30 03:21 AM
    From UPI: U.S. Latinos, feeling neglected by both parties, are discussing forming an independent "Tequila Party" force, leaders say. "I don't know if it's going to happen, but there's talk," Fernando Romero, president of Nevada's Hispanics in Politics, told the Las Vegas Sun. "There's discussion about empowerment of the Latino vote." The idea, being debated in Nevada and around the country, stems from frustration over the Democrats' inaction on immigration reform and feelings of being taken for granted. While I wouldn't put too much credence in this happening any time soon, it does raise the point that Latinos expect more...

    More... (

    05-24 02:25 PM
    If we could add some good things for legal immigrants (EB), and the bill gets passed in senate... what are the chances of getting it passed in house and reaching president's table. The reason for this concern is that same thing happened in Dec 05, when at the last moment all immigration stuff was reformed from budget recon. bill. I am sure IV must be thinking about this as well and would like to get IV team's views on this. Also wanted to thank IV team for taking so many efforts.


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